Albrey Brown

Albrey Brown currently serves as VP of Strategy at Joonko, the largest and only platform fully focused on recruiting underrepresented talent, which helps companies like Adidas, American Express, Intuit, PayPal and hundreds of other major employers source and hire underrepresented talent. Prior to this role, he led Diversity and Inclusion at three major tech companies including Pivotal Software, DocuSign and Airtable. At each company, he built important programs from the ground up. Albrey previously founded and sold Telegraph Academy, which focused on teaching underserved groups how to code.

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3 Ways to Start Treating Diversity Like It’s Business Critical


As Gen-Z enters the workforce, the candidate pool is objectively becoming more diverse –– only 45% of 30-year-olds will be non-Hispanic whites in 2040, and minorities will become the majority… Read more

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