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How to Remotely Hire High Quality Talent

Although the use of video technology is not new by any means, our reliance on it certainly is. AI-based video interview technology has become more sophisticated over the past year, necessitated by need as usage skyrocketed.

As the pandemic nears a hopeful and eventual end, companies world-wide are still adopting remote hiring strategies as part of a permanent strategy after seeing the benefits.

Based on cutting-edge AI technology, video interviews can expedite initial screening procedures, identify relevant and qualified candidates, and help businesses cast a wider net with respect to the talent pool.

Since being a remote solution, remote hiring surpasses geographical limitations, saves time and money. The video interview system can also use data from facial expressions and tone of voice to infer personality, behavioral and communication skills. Such candidate assessments help ascertain the right fit.

AI based systems are also the forerunners in the quest to promote diverse and inclusive workplaces. There are still questions regarding the objectivity of the AI based solutions; however, bias can be eliminated by adopting best practices.

The AI models should be developed in a manner that they only focus on job-relevant information while disregarding information related to race, gender, sexuality, and others.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make the most of AI-based video interviewing, download this Ultimate Guide on how to hire high-quality talent remotely today!

What you’ll learn:

  • What video interviewing is by definition and its top five benefits.
  • How to utilize AI technology to overcome the current talent shortage while maintaining a quality of hire.
  • What you can do to manage and eliminate biases in AI-based video interviewing.
  • Plus, a bonus Buyer’s Checklist on how to choose an AI-based video interview solution that’s right for your company’s specific needs.

By Sushman Biswas

Sushman is a contributing editor at and writes about how organizations can succeed with recruiting technology. With a background in B2B tech publishing and events, Sushman strives to make dry, technical copy engaging. When not writing, Sushman enjoys craft beer and motorcycling holidays.


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