The thought process of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning as it relates to recruiting is this. If you show a computer all of your company’s superstars, it can then ‘predict’ based on the parameters you set, find candidates that will be future superstars. But did you notice that there is still a human involved? So technically, a human is determining what a superstar looks like. If the human decides that your best employees are women, wouldn’t that mean that a computer would begin to show you more women than not? If your parameters state to show the top 5 in each underrepresented group, would the ‘machine’ be a racist?

As a case in point, in 2016, a Russia and Hong Kong-based Youth Laboratories with the help from Microsoft and Nvidia, hosted a beauty contest. There were 6,000 entrants, from around the world. Six AI judges were trained to evaluate wrinkles, face symmetry, skin color, and several other parameters before choosing the ‘winners.’ Out of the 44 most beautiful people selected, almost all were white. So what exactly did the machine learn? More importantly, what did we learn about machine learning?

Machine learningAnother consideration is this. If your company wants to grow year over year, would the ‘best’ candidate have similar traits as your top talent? Or should you look for candidates that are ‘better’ than your talent? What about hiring managers with ego issues? Could they obtain a type of job security by only hiring candidates that are not as smart them?

Join us as we discuss Machine Learning and what impact it can and does have on hiring today. Don’t worry, with Jim Stroud’s humor and expertise, it is sure to be light and fun. And of course very interesting.

Jackye Clayton|Jim Stroud
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