Back with a vengeance, Vanessa Raath, the South African Goddess of Sourcing, better known as “The Talent Hunter” sits in with the team to talk sourcing, training, and events.

Teaching and empowering others is in Vanessa’s blood. We’ll dig into what’s changing in sourcing for 2023, especially with the industry layoffs.


In this episode we dig deep into:

  1. Sourcing Efficiency: How you can position yourself as an asset to to your company.
  2. Training: What and how to train, and what you need to know.
  3. Mastodon, The Blue Devil, chatGPT and more.
  4. The tools Vanessa can’t live without.


What’s Changing in Sourcing for 2023?

From a sourcing perspective, what i’m really encouraging people to do is to try and stay as up to date as possible. Because those are the people that are gonna retain their jobs.

What is changing at the moment is, it’s not all about what you say, Brian, the scraping and those kinds of things, it’s how to be effective for a company without costing them a lot of money. So not spending a lot on like, LinkedIn Recruiter licenses.

Job boards, do they still have a place? It’s all about how do we still source, but we do it more creatively, maybe without such big overheads.

Listening Time: 35 minutes


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Vanessa Raath
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Ryan Leary

Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s our in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industries top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran to the online community and a partner here at RecruitingDaily.

Brian Fink

As a Talent Acquisition Partner at McAfee, Brian Fink enjoys bringing people together to solve complex problems, build great products, and get things done. In his recent book, Talk Tech to Me, Fink takes on the stress and strain of complex technology concepts and simplifies them for the modern recruiter to help you find, engage, and partner with professionals.


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