We have the technology now to recruit from all over the world. But what do you do when you are a recruiting for a company that no one knows anything about? What if you will pay to relocate someone to your state but you live somewhere like… Detroit? These are just two of the many questions William Maurer answers.

GM a Tech Company?

As the Global Sourcing Manager for General Motors, William has had to do just that. I know what you are thinking, “Everyone knows about General Motors!” But what you may not realize is that cars these days are basically moving computers. More than finding people who know about building cars, their biggest need is finding developers. People with expertise in  Virtual Reality,  Artificial Intelligence, and Java with a majority of these positions based in Michigan, Austin, and Atlanta. How to you convince people to up and move to Michigan? How do you convince a developer to leave Silicon Valley and come to the motor city? William, the self-proclaimed Recruiting Nerd having moved from Kalamazoo to Detroit to be part of the incredible transformation that is occurring at GM so he recognizes the big decisions candidates are trying to make.

The role of the talent acquisition professional has evolved and must continue to do so

I know that this is a hot topic for many of us and it’s something that I’ve written about previously.  Kerstin and her team have taken it as far as to identify 11 core competencies that make up a successful recruiter.  The most intriguing of these competencies they label as a trendscout.  A trendscout is someone who lives and represents the innovative image of the company.  This outlook was refreshing to me.  I was impressed because not only does the Deutsche Bahn team identify some of the core traits that are required of a modern day recruiter, but they recognize innovation and innovative thought as a core competency that they look for when building a talent acquisition team.  From the onset, it’s apparent that innovation is not only valued but is considered a necessity. Laying this type of foundation can only help when trying to build a creative culture. ~Excerpt from RecruitingNerd.com

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