Think about what you used your phone for today. Did you schedule an appointment? Maybe ordered pizza? Perhaps you even used your phone for a conference call. So what do you do to allow candidates to get through your recruiting process online? Most recruiters have a mobile optimized career site. But few actually have a plan for their mobile recruiting. Here are some things to consider for your mobile recruiting strategies moving forward.

Simplify Your Application Requirements

It takes a lot of time to find out if a candidate is a got fit for your position. However, it takes five seconds to discover if a candidate is not a good fit. One of the trends we see more and more is giving candidates the ability to apply via text message. If that is not available, allow candidates to apply by attaching their LinkedIn profile. By allowing candidates to apply via LinkedIn, you usually get all the answers you need to decide if you are going to move forward with a candidate. The best part is it makes applying for jobs painless. Need more information to make a decision? Add video application technology.

Be Ready to Respond Quickly

The hope is that candidates can apply with a click, maybe two or a swipe. Yes, it needs to happen that quickly. I narrow it down like that. A potential candidate should be able to apply for a position in the same time it takes to go to the bathroom. In turn, they expect faster feedback. Automate some of your responses to common questions. Leverage push notification technology you can push job information to the candidates’ as soon as it becomes available. Another great technology that is gaining more ground is the use of bots as a “Virtual Recruiting Assistant.” They are far from perfect, but, a VRA impersonates a recruiter by communicating with the applicant, one-on-one.

GEM Recruiting AI

Social Recruiting

There are ways that you can reach out to candidates that are not available via desktop. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook all have features that only work on a smartphone. Create regular content that resonates with the social savvy candidate.

On RecruitingLive on April 21, we were joined by Erik Kostelnik, CEO, and Founder of TextRecruit. He answered questions about what resonates with users, how to use mobile technology to attract candidates and discuss the future of mobile.

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