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Wistia – Opening Up on Mental Health in the Workplace with Chris Meador

This topic is fantastic, so I want to get right into it. We will be discussing opening up on mental health in the workplace with today’s guest Chris Meador. A great and timely topic to explore, especially now where people are having many different struggles.

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About Chris Meador and Wistia

Chris is the newly appointed VP of Marketing at Wistia. He has been with the company now for a few months, as a “pandemic hire,” which he says is an entirely different topic. His background prior to the move has been within media and tech marketing. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, Wistia is a marketing software company based out of Boston. Their focus is on how to maximize the value of your video, podcast, and audio within your overall marketing stack and grow your brand and business.



Conversation highlights:

What does mental health actually mean, and what does it mean in the workplace?

How do you start the discussion and destigmatize this topic?

We can no longer brush people off to an EAP hotline. We have to have these conversations.

One positive that has come of all this: resetting expectations of success and winning and productivity.

The bias around mental health: What are companies doing to offer balance and resources?


An important conversation; please tune in and let us know what you think in the comments.


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