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Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Be a Recruitment Marketer with Chris Forman


It’s time for another episode of RecruitingLive! Last week, we had a wonderful conversation with Laura Mazzulo of East Side Staffing on going back to the basics of recruitment. Today we are blessed again to have a wonderful guest, Chris Forman, and a topic I can’t wait to talk about. Our topic today is why it’s more important now (more than ever) to be a great recruitment marketer. You’re not going to believe all the things that Chris has done. Let’s get started:


About Chris

Chris Forman lives on a dairy farm in upstate New Hampshire with his wife and four kids. He has been in the recruitment industry for the last 20 years. Starting as a journalist, he made his way to AIRS, eventually becoming the CEO. AIRS Recruitment Training was sold to The Right Thing, and then subsequently acquired by ADP in 2011.  After that, Chris then founded a company called StartWire and then his current company Appcast in 2014.



What is Appcast?

Appcast makes software that enables customers to buy and optimize pay-for-performance job ads. They run what’s technically an ad exchange. Customers bid on the ad space, and then the software pushes it out to the market. They handle about 20-25% of the job ad space in the United States, employing over 100 people in 4 countries.



Conversation highlights:

  • An explanation of programmatic technology and omnichannel as related to recruitment advertising.
  • Why is it important to be a great recruitment marketer? The things that used to work are different now.
  • What are the components that make up a high-quality job ad?
  • Candidate driven markets vs employer-driven markets, how does that change the recruitment marketing approach?

And much more! Tune in now for the conversation!




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