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Tru – Life After COVID with Bill Boorman

Today, I am on with Bill Boorman, an old friend, mentor, and colleague (and all-around genuinely great guy), discussing Life After COVID.

What should we throw out; which things should we keep?  What have we learned about the world and, perhaps even more importantly, about ourselves?

If we want to to listen to anyone’s thoughts on this, especially in our industry, we want to listen to Bill.


#Tru & Humble Bill

Aside from being a friend of mine, Bill Boorman is a Strategic Advisor to the recruiting space (the whole space, seriously) and the founder of #truMunity, “The Recruitment Unconference.”

Bill has worked in recruiting for 36+ years, touching every facet of the industry, from recruiting itself, to advising, training, speaking, creating…it’s difficult to list his entire resume in a podcast article.  He is responsible for building some of the best parts of our little corner of the world, and it shows.

Currently, he’s doing it like the rest of us – living in and around COVID.  And like the rest of us, he’s discovered a lot about himself and the industry that can be taken into the next era.


GEM Recruiting AI

This is where you hit play.

Do it.  It’s a great conversation, and we will all learn a thing or two from the man himself.


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