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Igloo Software – Employee Burnout: Turns Out, It’s A Real Thing with Mike Hicks

On today’s RecruitingLive podcast we are discussing a topic that doesn’t get a lot of play that probably should. Especially in the world we live in today. Mike Hicks of Igloo Software is here with us today to talk about employee burnout. As it turns out, it’s a real thing.

Igloo is a next-generation internet platform. It’s changing the way employees and companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and engage employees. Why would the CIO of an internet company want to talk about employee burnout? During a pandemic, more than half of HR leaders say that core technology was the largest barrier to effective remote work during the transition. That puts Igloo square in the middle of the transition as they look to permanently improve the way employees work and engage with digital transformation.

So how do we avoid employee burnout, especially amongst remote teams? Amongst leadership? How can we make sure there is a healthy work/life balance?

For Mike’s take on all of this, tune in for the conversation.


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