The gag is simple: One magic wand, one magic wish. What would you do to change the Talent Acquisition landscape to make it better? We were at HR Tech 2022 asking industry leaders about their opinions on this crazy industry and how to improve it.

Guest Dinah Alobeid of Greenhouse talks with William Tincup about removing gendered language, and getting more time with the candidates. Find out what their transferrable skills are, and get those high importance roles filled!

This #HRTechConf 2022 series was hosted and brought to you by our friends and partners at Joveo!

Dinah Alobeid
Senior Director of Content & Communications Greenhouse

Dinah Alobeid is the Senior Director of Content and Communications at Greenhouse. She helps shape and share the Greenhouse brand story and keeps its audiences informed on company news and industry knowledge. Dinah has over 14 years of communications and content experience in the technology field and prior to Greenhouse, she built and ran the communications team at Brandwatch. She's an avid writer, dancer, foodie and book nerd.

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Introduction (00:01):

You’re listening to the Recruiting Daily Podcast. We are recording from HR Tech in Vegas. Thanks to our friends and partners at Jovio. We are talking to some of the best minds in HR and business and digging into the most pressing issues in the workplace, so you don’t have to. Here’s your host, William Tincup.

William Tincup (00:20):

Ladies and gentlemen, this is William Tincup, and we are broadcasting live from Jovio’s Booth at HR Tech and Dinah’s on with us.

Dinah Alobeid (00:29):

Hi, William.

William Tincup (00:31):

Dinah, would you do us a favor and introduce yourself?

Dinah Alobeid (00:34):

I sure will. I’m Dinah Alobeid. I’m the Senior Director of Content and Coms at Greenhouse Software.

William Tincup (00:41):

Now, the common mispronunciation of your name is something that all people, because it’s spelt Dinah.

Dinah Alobeid (00:49):

It sure is. I’ve got a silent H in there.

William Tincup (00:50):

There is a silent H. Let’s just get rid of the H, but before we do that, I’m going to give you a magic wand.

Dinah Alobeid (00:58):

Okay, Got it.

William Tincup (00:59):


Dinah Alobeid (01:00):

Wand in hand.

William Tincup (01:00):

Wand in hand. If you could fix anything about talent sourcing, what would you fix?

Dinah Alobeid (01:08):

First of all, I don’t know that I would fix anything. I would just grant us all, and all the recruiters of the world, more time, more time to think about inclusive sourcing strategies. More time to say, “I’m not just going to focus on candidates from one specific company with one specific type of experience from one specific graduate program.”

William Tincup (01:31):


Dinah Alobeid (01:33):

With that time, we could do so much.

William Tincup (01:35):


Dinah Alobeid (01:35):

We could evaluate HBCUs. We could say, “Let’s spend a lot of time evaluating these job postings and removing gendered language.” And spending more time is the key. I need a time turner.

William Tincup (01:50):


Dinah Alobeid (01:50):

If I’m really honest.

William Tincup (01:51):


Dinah Alobeid (01:51):

Because having more time with the candidates to really get to know them, to hear their creative ideas, and to find out what their transferable skills are…

William Tincup (02:01):


Dinah Alobeid (02:01):

I think would open up a world of opportunity for all these candidates and would also help a lot of companies fill a lot of high importance roles.

William Tincup (02:10):

What I love about that is the intentionality.

Dinah Alobeid (02:13):


William Tincup (02:13):

Right? So if you have the time, which most people don’t.

Dinah Alobeid (02:16):

No, no one’s got any time.

William Tincup (02:17):

But if you had the time, then you could be intentional with your strategy and source better, which would be better for everybody.

Dinah Alobeid (02:24):


William Tincup (02:25):

Wonderful. Thank you so much, Dinah.

Dinah Alobeid (02:27):

You got it.

William Tincup (02:28):


Dinah Alobeid (02:28):

Next thing we need to do is figure out how to create more time.

William Tincup (02:32):

Yes. Once you have a magic wand, it’s already done.

Dinah Alobeid (02:34):

All right.

William Tincup (02:35):

Thank you so much.

Dinah Alobeid (02:36):

Thank you.

Speaker 4 (02:38):

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William Tincup

William is the President & Editor-at-Large of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher. He's been writing about HR and Recruiting related issues for longer than he cares to disclose. William serves on the Board of Advisors / Board of Directors for 20+ HR technology startups. William is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BA in Art History. He also earned an MA in American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.


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