Leading AI Assistant for Recruiters Delivers Autonomous Interview Scheduling; Empowers Talent Acquisition Teams to “Hire Faster and Better” Amidst Surge of Candidates

Evie was created by former engineers & executives from Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 21 2020—Evie (www.evie.ai), the world’s leading AI assistant for recruiters, has been selected to help manage post-COVID-19 hiring for Siemens Mobility Limited. Founded by former engineers and executives from Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!, Evie automates every step of interview scheduling, saving Talent Acquisition (TA) teams time and allowing them to compete for an expanded pool of candidates.

The announcement comes after a six month-pilot program, with Evie engineers working with the Siemens team to refine the assistant to meet real-world challenges. It also arrives on the heels of Deloitte Digital’s 2020 Human Capital Trends Report, which finds that since the pandemic started, organizations are not just adjusting to a work-from-home (WFH) model and greater competition in hiring, they are turning to TA to help reinvent themselves for a more “sustainable post-COVID future”—one when human teams work directly with AI staff to achieve the highest results.

“Evie is the perfect product for this moment,” said Marta Brockwell, Talent Acquisition Partner, Siemens Mobility Limited UK “By coordinating schedules and managing any processes around rescheduling, Evie has improved the client experience and empowered us to hire faster and better. Also, like any good assistant, Evie has given me the freedom and time I need to speak with more candidates and build a bigger and better talent pipeline.”

“We have been incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with Siemens,” said Jin Hian Lee, Founder & CEO of Evie. “Post-COVID, TA teams are facing unprecedented challenges, which no product team could understand without first-hand experience. Thanks to Marta and her team, Evie has become the perfect assistant for managing the complexities of the current environment, whether you are dealing with a surge of candidates, switching between on-site and virtual opportunities, or coordinating interviews across multiple time zones.”

Five years and hundreds of thousands of meetings in the making, Evie seems so human that candidates often mistake Evie for a real person. Evie is powered by a next-generation human-AI cognitive collaboration platform called MetaFlow that combines natural-language processing and workflow orchestration. The result is an efficient and quick-thinking assistant, with a deep, natural understanding of real-world concepts like time, location and human relationships.

For in-house recruiters, the virtual assistant delivers a consistent, fast and proactive experience. Recruiters simply email Evie, and Evie gets to work, autonomously coordinating between hiring managers and candidates to get the interviews booked. It’s an amazingly simple and seamless experience for recruiters—every TA team can now have their own superhuman recruitment coordinator that responds in minutes, not days.

“The Evie rollout was a really strong partnership between the team at Evie and Siemens,” said Anna Botten, Global Talent Acquisition Consultant, Strategy & Technologies at Siemens. “As a cloud-driven solution, it can be deployed rapidly, right out of the box. Its natural integration model means no additional training for recruiters and interviewers, and a great employer-branded experience for candidates. Interview scheduling is a hugely complex process and as a total solution, Evie is a really sophisticated tool which has provided huge impact to our Recruiters, Hiring Managers and candidates.”

“My team and I have saved 30% of our time, thanks to Evie,” added Brockwell. “I cannot recommend a better tool for TA professionals in the market for an intelligent interview scheduling solution. It works with all my enterprise scheduling systems, and offers analytics that can be incorporated into future candidate searches.”

For more information about Evie, or to schedule a personalized demo, please visit: https://www.evie.ai/contact-us


About Evie

Evie is the world’s leading AI assistant for recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals. Created by former executives and engineers from Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!, Evie is powered by a next-generation human-AI cognitive collaboration platform called MetaFlow that combines natural-language processing, autonomous reasoning and workflow orchestration with a deep understanding of real-world concepts like time, location and human relationships. Evie’s amazingly simple scheduling not only saves recruiters time, it also makes sure they don’t miss out on the best candidates and gain valuable analytics they can incorporate into the next candidate search. As a cloud-based offering, Evie can be quickly deployed and integrated with all major enterprise scheduling, messaging and meeting applications, from Zoom to Slack to Microsoft Teams. The company is based in Singapore, with offices in San Francisco. Evie has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. For more information, please visit  www.evie.ai.

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