Stefano Echanique

Internet Ninja, helping companies find people with certain skill sets to fill job openings. Opening doors and helping people think outside the box. Owned, operated and managed a business for 13 years before selling. Expanded into the world of recruiting/sourcing after the long run of owning a retail store. Always on the look out for opportunities and a chance to expand and grow personally. For fun I get to be a Soccer Dad, artist and podcast host. Love to create, numbers, business, and helping others. To create is to mold characters, worlds, and ideas so others can get away from the reality that is. To expand the mind and bring on ideas that otherwise would have never been brought into light. Now go create.

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Get More Time in your Day: Product Review Scout


Recruiters have so many different hats they need to wear, it can get overwhelming. With agency recruiting, you are dealing with the numbers game, trying to find as many candidates… Read more

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