Ilit Raz

Ilit Raz is the founder & CEO of Joonko, a platform that leverages technology to match underrepresented candidates with employment opportunities at great companies. She has 20+ years of experience working in tech startups, spent seven years in the highly-regarded IDF intelligence unit 8200, has vast experience in NLP, and also holds a Computer Science degree and an Executive MBA. She founded Joonko to focus on building solutions for underrepresented people in early 2016, after experiencing bias in the industry first-hand.

Content authored by Ilit Raz

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Leveraging AI In Recruiting To Uplift Underrepresented Groups


Leveraging AI in talent acquisition was considered taboo eight months ago. The fear of algorithmic bias and ‘automating away my job’ made sure the risk of these technologies wasn’t worth… Read more

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