Greta Roberts

Greta Roberts is an acknowledged influencer in the field of predictive workforce analytics. Since co-founding Talent Analytics in 2001, she has established Talent Analytics, Corp. as the globally recognized leader in predicting an individual’s business performance, pre-hire and post-hire. She has led the firm to use predictive analytics to solve line of business challenges making Talent Analytics one of the only firms in the world predicting business outcomes. Greta leads the company in developing predictive solutions that can be easily deployed into employee operations, to teams without a background in analytics, statistics or math. This strategy has led to the development of Talent Analytics’ award winning predictive cloud platform Advisor. In addition to being a contributing author to numerous predictive analytics books, she is regularly invited to comment in the media and speak at high end predictive analytics and business events around the world. You can follow her on Twitter @gretaroberts or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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