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The Essential Talent Acquisition Toolkit

Hiring isn’t easy in today’s tight labor market. To stand out, TA teams must embrace a candidate-first approach driven by experience

To help you get started, Phenom created the essential TA toolkit to improve personalization and engagement at every moment in a candidate’s journey. 

In this TA toolkit, you’ll find: 

  • Candidate Journey Template: Personalize the candidate experience by mapping out every touchpoint and identifying how to enhance those interactions. 
  • Candidate Persona Template: Bring clarity to your ideal candidate to better attract and engage best-fit talent. 
  • 7 Must-Have Email Templates for Recruiters: Send more meaningful emails to candidates, overcome writer’s block, and boost efficiency.  

By Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a contributing editor at Phenom, where she covers how organizations can improve their candidate, recruiter, employee, and manager experiences through AI-powered HR technology. Bringing employer stories to life, Jenn combines impactful results with compelling storytelling to showcase how HR teams can improve efficiency and better connect with top talent.


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