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Virtual Hiring for High-Performance Organizations

Onboarding is an essential part of the hiring process.  Companies have historically struggled to perfect and maintain satisfying onboarding methods even in-office, but now that the workforce is largely remote across the globe, we are met with brand new hiring obstacles. Part of the struggle is measuring virtual onboarding success; much of the struggle is just not knowing where to start or what to expect.

Take a look at this exclusive virtual onboarding checklist for you to keep on hand when bringing on new hires. Even if your virtual onboarding practice is the best around, you may find some interesting ideas we’ve collected from some of the most inclusive onboarding strategies we’ve found.

What You’ll Find Inside

  1. A printable download containing each step of the onboarding process, from preboarding until 90-days in
  2. Subitems complete with descriptions of each step
  3. Creative ideas to enhance company culture, all conscientious of your virtual setting

More, of course. Take a look and give us your thoughts.

By Sushman Biswas

Sushman is a contributing editor at and writes about how organizations can succeed with recruiting technology. With a background in B2B tech publishing and events, Sushman strives to make dry, technical copy engaging. When not writing, Sushman enjoys craft beer and motorcycling holidays.


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