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The talent landscape is evolving and it’s time your compensation strategy should too.

With pay transparency, DEI, and talent acquisition emerging as key priorities for employers in 2022, we explore how you can leverage your compensation to project your values and employer brand to drive business performance.

In today’s market, the steps an organization takes to improve its compensation processes are vital to safeguarding its agility, supporting employee well-being, as well as ensuring the efficiency and compliance of its digital infrastructure.


This eBook contains steps that will help guide your organization through adapting your compensation strategy, including:
  • Matching Compensation to Values, Culture & Engagement
  • Six Strategies to Help Close the Pay Equity Gap
  • Reasons Why Traditional Compensation Models Fail
  • Understanding What Employees Want
  • The Path to DE&I

By Dan Roche

Dan Roche is the Director of Marketing at Decusoft and has spent nearly 25 years marketing SaaS technologies. Decusoft, through their Compose software, is helping firms simplify and manage their complex compensation programs.


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