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Can You Gig It?: What The Gig Economy Means For Recruiting

Recruiting is becoming more challenging every day. Not only do we have to find the best talent, we’re now starting to source the best freelancer tech talent, too. More than 53 million workers in the United States now freelance. Given the growing number of contingent workers, HR and recruiting must be prepared to inch out the competition. GIG ECONOMY.

One of the main complaints I hear about the average ATS is that their data is either weak or inaccurate (or in some cases, non-existent). Recruiters don’t trust the ATS data they have.

These changes in candidate behavior and hiring practices are already fundamentally reshaping the recruiting landscape yet we’re also left with a series of questions about the true definition of an employee versus a contractor and how it alters the dynamics of the hiring (and firing) process. Of course, there are also legal precedents to consider – and there’s no one better than our speaker, Nicole Greenberg, Esq., to explain that.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights on:

  • How to tell if adopting a freelance mentality is right for your strategic business goals (and legal)
  • How to beat out the competition and attract top freelance tech talent
  • The legal risks you must prepare for when employing a freelance workforce
  • And more!

Presented By
Nicole Greenberg, Esq.
Principal Consultant & Chief Legal Advisor STA Worldwide

Nicole Greenberg, Esq. serves as Principal Consultant & Chief Legal Advisor at STA Worldwide, a global professional services firm specializing in IT staffing, project management and consulting services. A licensed Illinois attorney and member of the

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