There’s one significant downfall to working remote 100% of the time: you never really meet other people. In fact, I worked at RecruitingDaily for 6 months before I met the rest of the team in real life at a bar in Vegas. Yes, our first team meeting was in a dimly lit bar in the Mirage Hotel while we half watched football and got to know more about each other beyond our technical specialties. We talked family, friends, booze and Vegas stories – the types of things the average officemates do while wandering the cube maze looking for finance or legal.

It’s even harder meeting people outside of work. I mean, my commute involves walking up the stairs and around a corner. There’s no pit stops to chat over coffee or the random baked goods Marsha from HR left in the break room. After work, there’s no happy hour or random dinner invitations to get to know people better. We’re left with digital familiarization; something that’s becoming a lot more commonplace than it used to.

There was a time when Facebook friends were only real life friends – people who you had actually met at some point. This was the PC era: pre-Catfish. Then there was a noticeable shift where more was decidedly better and the intimacy of social media was dismissed for distribution. Instead of staying connected with our people and their lives, we tried to figure out how to make more “friends” instead of real contacts that we could call any day, any time. That whole social recruiting concept bubbled up and most initiatives worked a lot more like LinkedIn In-Mauls that actual human connection.

Pardon My Scotch: Making Real Connections, Live

Luckily, I had enough really smart marketers and colleagues around to slap my hand now and again to remind me that social media shouldn’t be treated like a megaphone and that the best marketing was just to be yourself. That you’ll make connections you can leverage when you need to when your first connection is over advice and practical feedback, not shoving offers and links down people’s throats. I was taught to create conversation and get to know people. In real life and the digital world.

They were right, by the way, because in that evolution – I started to make real life friends with people I met online. People who I know I could call if things went horribly wrong or I just need someone to listen… and sometimes someone to just tell me to shut up and get over it, too. Three of them are our guest this week on RecruitingLive.

Disorder In The Court: Meet The Stooges

“Why don’t catfish have kittens?” That was the first response from Levy as we started discussing this special Three Stooges edition of RecruitingLive. I couldn’t help but think, “yeah, we graduated with the highest temperatures in our class!” That’s an old Three Stooges line my dad uses all the time. The guys spent the next half hour playing word association with words like Trump, resume, Justin Bieber and more that aren’t even appropriate for this blog.

The responses were even more inappropriate. We all know that’s saying something.

So in true RecruitingDaily boundary-pushing fashion, we’re going to take the game live with all of you on the first RecruitingLive episode of 2017, this Friday January 6th at 1 pm EST. It will be a special one hour edition, live with my friends Derek Zeller, Steve Levy and Pete Radloff talking recruiting, random word associations and addressing your recruiting challenges.

We’re all here to help – one of the many reasons I love these guys in the first place. That’s what RecruitingLive is all about, in fact – giving you, the recruiting practitioner, access to other smart practitioners to talk through your recruiting challenges and to learn how it’s done at other companies like yours. 

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