RecruitingDaily had the great pleasure of teaming up with the isolved Roadshow to record a brand new podcast mini-series, “People Heroes Rising.” William Tincup interviews a colorful array of customers and experts, tapping into a wealth of insight, information, and golden nuggets on the path to a successful future in HR.

Episode 1: The Power of Customer Connections

In this preview episode, Amberly Dressler, VP of Brand and Customer Marketing at isolved, and William delve into the world of roadshows. Highlighting the uniqueness of these events, Amberly discusses the blend of customer interaction, product demos, and an engaging, in-person community that forms at each roadshow.

She shares that customers’ insights from these roadshows directly shape the evolution of isolved’s platform and gives a glimpse of future plans, including an increase in customer reach and content revamps. Tune in to discover how these events encapsulate isolved’s commitment to transforming customer feedback into valuable solutions.

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The “People Heroes Rising” Podcast Miniseries provides valuable insights from a diverse range of industry professionals who share practical HR strategies, discuss how to maximize the value of your tech investments, emphasize the power of community and customer feedback, and explore the benefits of people analytics.

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Amberly Dressler
VP of Brand and Customer Marketing isolved

Head of analyst relations, public relations, customer advocacy (People Heroes), customer community, content marketing (full funnel/lifecycle), content operations and optimization, reputation management and social media. Leads a team of nine superstars to exceed our goals multi-fold.

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isolved: People Heroes Rising

William Tincup: This is William Tincup and we are live in Dallas with isolved. They’re doing a road show and we’re actually going to be talking to Amberly about the road show. Amberly, would you do us a favor and introduce yourself?

Amberly Dressler: Absolutely. My name is Amberly Dressler and I’m the vice president of Brand and Customer Marketing at isolved.

William Tincup: Brand and Customer Marketing. That’s fancy, right? That is a fancy title. Did you come up with this roadshow idea?

Amberly Dressler: I did not. I was part of the team to do it, but last year we did about.

William Tincup: I was looking for who to blame.

Amberly Dressler: I would blame Lena Tonk, the marketing officer I got you.

William Tincup: Totally. Absolutely. She gets all the credit, all the blame as well. One of the things that I love about road shows like this is the interaction with customers. You’re actually it’s not a sales event per se. You might have a couple prospects in the room, but really it’s listening to customers, talking to customers about what’s going on. What have you? I know you’ve been to a number of these things. What do you look forward to when you go to a new town?

Amberly Dressler: Definitely, each crowd is unique in the energy and the questions they ask, and so we are very excited to see what’s top of mind with them. I think what I look forward to the most is seeing the customers like chat with each other. Potentially, you know someone is using a part of the PeopleCloud platform that maybe somebody else isn’t and they chat through some of the opportunities there And you know some of the questions that the customers ask like blow me away like their knowledge of what they use and where they want their companies to go is just so impressive.

William Tincup: I can see why a lot of companies don’t do road shows. A the expense right, getting out on the road and doing all the physical stuff But also getting customers in a room can be problematic for some folks. I like the way that you all look at it as an opportunity to learn 100%.

Amberly Dressler: And one thing that we found that we could almost solve for anything on site, which is really interesting in that something somebody may have had a challenge with for weeks can be solved in seconds, like being in front of them with our customer success managers and our account managers, and oftentimes, like, if there is someone who may be having an issue, another customer will say, oh, i’m not having that same issue, this is what I did or this is who I contacted, and so it becomes like really in person, like interactive community between the customers too. So obviously, when the customers can talk to each other, it’s way more powerful than a vendor speaking to them.

William Tincup: Right, and so I would say it’s forming community bonds, right. It’s getting community to everyone to talk to one another, which I love. So what is the agenda? What’s it look like when you’re, when you’re doing one of these in Topeka or, you know, Houston, Texas or whatever, like? what are you trying to achieve?

Amberly Dressler: Yeah, we go through a different, few different sections, in that we start the day with a broad overview, of course, of what’s going to be happening, but then we go into the hottest, like HR trends and I saw update. We’re fortunate to be able to do branded research every year, and so we’re able to share some insights from our survey of over 500 HR leaders and then also our survey of over a thousand full-time employees, and so we’re able to introduce the day with what their peers are doing, both from a data perspective and then a case study one as well.

So we’re setting the scene for you know what’s your open road ahead of you? Like what’s your next best step? Like how are you going to get there? And so we set the scene with the case studies and the data, and then it goes into an overview of PeopleCloud and why we’re choosing to make certain investments that we are, and then we have a demo, which is our by far and away our most popular segment, and that it’s very interactive. So either product management or our solution consultant group will go up there and people are like whoa, i didn’t know that, let me. Let’s pause there. Yeah, exactly, and so that’s a very popular segment. Today we’re doing two different demos, so the full PeopleCloud overview, and then also we’re doing like a very deep dive into predictive people analytics, which is one of the newer solutions over the last year and a half or so.

William Tincup: So what are the things that when you put roadshows like this together and they’re very successful, and these are, i mean, i think you’ve done in the last year. you’ve done what almost 60?

Amberly Dressler: Yes, we had about 25 last year. We’ve already done 20 this year, so we’re approaching 50, with many, many more to go throughout the rest of the year.

William Tincup: The thing about that is, especially as a marketer, you’ve had success. Now what are you going to do next? What are you going to do to up your game And so like if you were to look out at 24, what are you all going to do differently?

Amberly Dressler: Yeah, one thing that we’re finding is that, even though we did these last year, the percentage of repeat customers like is pretty low, and so we’re reaching even more customers than we did last year, which is incredible to see, because we want to reach every single one. So next year we definitely change up the content in the format, because we would be seeing probably a lot of repeat customers next year. But I mean even this year. We’re coming to Dallas twice, right, we’re here in Dallas today and we’re coming back in the fall, and so we have 145,000 employers on I Solved, and so reaching them it’s going to take us a while in many cities, correct? But we’re also introducing the roadshows to our partners as well, which we didn’t do last year. So that’s something new this year and that we’re reaching brokers, we’re reaching ASO and PEOs. So, replicating the model, but also changing out the content that’s relevant to them.

William Tincup: I absolutely love what you’ve built and I love what you’re building. I love what you did at Connect last year in Nashville. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do in Palm Desert, in the fall, i’m excited about that, but I want everybody in the audience to know that. check out the podcast mini series. Make sure that you check out the podcast mini series because we’re going to be doing a series of interviews. Amberley, thank you so much for your time.

Amberly Dressler: Yes, we’re very happy you all are here today with us, so thank you.

William Tincup: Well, we’re blessed to be with you. So thank you And thanks everyone listening. Until next time.

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