The gag is simple: One magic wand, one magic wish. What would you do to change the Talent Acquisition landscape to make it better? We were at HR Tech 2022 asking industry leaders about their opinions on this crazy industry and how to improve it.

Guest John Baldino (President of Humareso) talks with William Tincup about making communication more accessible and simpler between sourcers and candidates.

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Announcer (00:01):
You’re listening to the Recruiting Daily Podcast. We are recording from HR Tech in Vegas. Thanks to our friends and partners at Joveo. We are talking to some of the best minds in HR and business, and digging into the most pressing issues in the workplace, so you don’t have to. Here’s your host, William Tincup.

William Tincup (00:20):
Ladies, gentlemen, this is William Tincup, and we’re podcasting live from Joveo’s booth at HR Tech in Vegas. I have a dear friend of mine, John, on today. John, tell us a little bit about yourself. Introduce yourself.

John Baldino (00:32):
Absolutely. John Baldino, President of Humareso. Been around…

William Tincup (00:38):
I know.

John Baldino (00:38):
You know.

William Tincup (00:39):
Yeah, yeah. A few years.

John Baldino (00:40):
A few years.

William Tincup (00:40):
Yeah. We have some experience. And so at a certain point…

John Baldino (00:44):
It’s just…

William Tincup (00:45):

John Baldino (00:45):

William Tincup (00:46):
I love it when people are like “35 plus years.” I mean, you know that that’s working against you, right?

John Baldino (00:51):
Yeah. Right, right. It’s called ageism.

William Tincup (00:53):
Alive and Well. Alive and well, man. All right. John, I am going to give you a magic wand.

John Baldino (01:01):

William Tincup (01:02):
With this magic wand, if you could change anything about talent sourcing or the sourcing of talent, what would you change?

John Baldino (01:11):
I have 12 thoughts, but really the thing for me is it’s always about accessibility, and we have not, I don’t think, done as great of a job on both ends of the spectrum, for those that are sourcing, trying to find the talent, and figuring out the best ways to provide accessible pathways to get to talent. I think that we wind up becoming harassment agents.

William Tincup (01:41):

John Baldino (01:41):
You know what I mean?

William Tincup (01:42):
Almost spamming.

John Baldino (01:42):
Yeah. How many emails can you send?

William Tincup (01:45):

John Baldino (01:46):
And it turns people off. And it’s funny, I was just talking to someone about this and said, “We’re watching a decent percentage of people, for instance, take themselves off of LinkedIn.”

William Tincup (01:57):

John Baldino (01:57):
Because they’re just tired of the barrage.

William Tincup (02:01):
Well, tech talent in particular. A few years ago, a software engineer told me this bit, where it’s a popup profile. I said, “Say that again.” He goes, “Yeah. So every once in a while when I’m kind of curious of what’s the job market, I activate my LinkedIn profile and it’s the same stuff. I might add some things in there, and then I get a bunch of things that come in. I get rid of the deluge, and then I deactivate it.” It doesn’t delete it ,just deactivates it.

John Baldino (02:27):

William Tincup (02:28):
So they don’t delete it.

John Baldino (02:28):
That’s really…

William Tincup (02:29):
It’s genius, right?

John Baldino (02:30):
Yeah, right. It’s a great option for people.

William Tincup (02:32):
So they basically pop. It’s a pop-up. Whoop, comes up, goes down.

John Baldino (02:35):
But even in that, I mean, it is a great idea, but in that we’re limiting, right. This person because they’re deactivated, let’s say. They don’t know that this amazing opportunity could be before them because they’re deactivated.

William Tincup (02:48):
That’s right.

John Baldino (02:49):
And so I think there has to be some sort of accessible, safe space, not to overuse that term, but some sort of accessible, safe space in sourcing where people can know, do not feel burdened by this. And hey, sourcers, don’t burden people by this. Let’s meet in the middle. So if I could wave this magic wand, it would be about providing those accessible pathways on both ends to get to it, feel comfortable, safe, be able to nicely say, “Hey, thanks so much for reaching out, but I’m not looking at this role right now.”

William Tincup (03:21):
That’s right.

John Baldino (03:22):
And leave it at that.

William Tincup (03:23):
I love it. Drops mic, walks off stage. Thank you so much, John.

John Baldino (03:27):
Thank you.

William Tincup (03:27):
I absolutely appreciate you.

John Baldino (03:29):
Always, buddy.

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