Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is on a mission to get all the people who recruit people to treat people better. Through facilitation, she energises human connection and shows companies how to free their human-made recruitment obstacles; improving candidate engagement, reducing candidate ghosting, and ensuring that all parties deliver a positive candidate experience. She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and Mastermind Certification, and delivers keynote talks that inspire recruiters, HR, and hiring managers to improve the recruitment experience for everyone.   She is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, to which she donated the royalties from her book, and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast. You’ll find her championing the #BeHuman cause on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.

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The Curse of the Jobsworth in Recruiting and Hiring


While you might not ever have heard the term “Jobsworth” before, if you’ve ever worked in the business of talent, you’ve almost certainly run into at least a few of… Read more

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