Irina Shamaeva

Irina is an Executive Recruiter, an Expert Sourcer, a Boolean Strings Master Teacher, and a Social Media Innovator. For the past five years she has been a Partner with Brain Gain Recruiting, placing senior full time employees in IT, Strategy Consulting, and Finances. She has an MS in Mathematics and a strong technical background. Irina runs the fast growing “Boolean Strings Network” (please join!) and multiple groups related to Social Media Recruiting and Internet Sourcing on LinkedIn. Irina’s LinkedIn Profile can be found here and her blog is here. Follow her on Twitter at @braingain

Content authored by Irina Shamaeva

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8 Ways to Guess and Verify Email Addresses


Every recruiter and sourcer will find themselves in the position where they guess what a potential candidates email is. LinkedIn InMail policy makes it even tougher to reach out to… Read more

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