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How To Build A Successful Recruiting Strategy for 2014 (And Beyond)   

We will show a presentation on recruiting strategy for next year.

The goal of recruiting – matching the right job with the right candidate – hasn’t changed.

Ready to study a recruiting strategy?  The tools, technologies and tactics required to successfully attract top talent can be daunting.

This webinar will go beyond the marketing buzzwords and consulting speak to take a real look at what real recruiters need. Most know about some of the top trends in talent acquisition, but do you? And what do you need to know in order to incorporate these into a successful recruiting strategy?  Let’s take hiring to the next level.

Which Recruiting & Talent Trends You Should Watch (Or Ignore)

It seems like every day, there’s something new recruiters have to worry about.  First it was building a great careers site, then getting on social media, then taking recruiting mobile.  Now it’s using big data – what’s next?  We’ll separate the reality from the hype. This webinar will show you what you really need to know – and watch for – when recruiting top talent today.

How to Build a Recruiting Strategy for Success:

The fundamentals of recruiting haven’t changed, however, neither have your core processes or systems.  That’s why we’ll look at some real life tips and tricks for adding new and emerging technologies.  Explore platforms and tools available to recruiters today. Are your existing recruitment and hiring initiatives built around a foundation for successfully recruiting? Have you figured out how to retain the talent your organization?  Although it may seem difficult – we’ll show you how to keep it simple.

Life At NPR: Getting Recruiting Right

Lars Schmidt of Amplify Talent will show you how he transformed recruiting and talent acquisition at NPR, providing a behind the scenes look at a successful strategy in action.  Lars will look at NPR’s approach and best practices for developing, executing, measuring and refining your recruiting initiatives.  This case study from NPR will show a real company really doing it right – and how every recruiter, from big brand to boutique agency, can apply these lessons to make their jobs a little easier in the coming year.

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