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Do you want to be ahead of the diversity recruiting curve?

Every company faces some of the same challenges and our experts will help you navigate. Our panel will share their experiences and equip you with the processes and tools you need to set, track and hit your diversity goals.

During this panel discussion, you’ll hear four Talent Leaders and experts in DEI have an engaging and authentic discussion around problems and challenges recruiters and hiring teams face in diversity recruiting.

The panelists go above and beyond any typical “diversity in hiring” webinar with their insights and experiences.

Whether you are just getting started or have a diversity program already in place, this webinar will help you get ahead of the curve.


About Diversity Recruiting Platforms

Diversity Recruiting is top of mind for every company and every talent leader. The most innovative companies have already realized the business value of a diverse workforce and are introducing a DRP – Diversity Recruiting Platform – to their recruiting tech stack.

Whether you are trying to build an inclusive employer brand, competing for top talent or working to add representation at your company, you need a DRP to overcome the biggest problems in Diversity Recruiting.


Our Panelists:

  • Tariq Meyers, Chief People Officer at Canvas
  • Emil Yeargin, Recruiting Leader at Gusto
  • Sean Cervera, Belonging Architect | Recruiting Whisperer at Facebook
  • Jennifer Tardy, Diversity Recruitment Trainer + Career Coach

Plus William Tincup of RecruitingDaily as panel moderator.


We’re Answering Questions Like, “How do I…”

  • Build an equitable top of funnel pipeline
  • Reach and attract candidates from different backgrounds
  • Confidently understand the diversity of your talent funnel
  • Measure and communicate the ROI of a Diversity Recruiting initiative


About Untapped

Untapped is an all-in-one diversity recruiting platform that helps businesses effectively hire diverse teams. Talent is everywhere; opportunity isn’t. We’re here to change that—fast.

Untapped is where companies take the guesswork out of hiring diverse teams. It’s where they transform their creativity, innovation, and growth. And where they turn targets into action to create the change society demands.

Why? Because diversity can’t wait and won’t waitThe future looks like you.

With Untapped, you can solve the top 6 problems in diversity recruiting all in a single platform.

Check out how here.


Presented By
Tariq Meyers
Chief People Officer Untapped Follow
Emil Yeargin
Recruiting Leader Gusto Follow
Sean Cervera
Belonging Architect | Recruiting Whisperer Facebook Follow
Jennifer Tardy
Diversity Recruitment Trainer + Career Coach Follow


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