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Your Guide to the Gen Z Mindset: Engaging the Next Generation of Talent

Every year, Gen-Zers are making up a larger percentage of the workforce — but many talent acquisition teams are still struggling to find, engage, and hire the right early career talent for their roles.

Traditional sourcing tactics are showing increasingly diminishing returns with the newest entrants into the workforce, at a time when most recruiting teams are being tasked to do more with fewer resources.

How is Gen Z approaching the job search? How are members of this generation perceiving the job market given the current macroeconomic climate? How are they choosing to engage with companies in selecting their next role? And given all that, what can you do to hit your early career hiring and diversity goals in an efficient way?

Listen in on this discussion with William Tincup of RecruitingDaily and Tammy Hart of RippleMatch to hear takeaways from a recent Gen Z survey data, and learn best practices from organizations that are leading the way in early career recruiting.

What you’ll learn:

  • Gen Z’s current attitudes and perceptions toward the job market
  • The top channels Gen Z is engaging with today in their job searches
  • Gen Z’s top criteria when selecting their next opportunity

This is an insightful, fun discussion that will leave you with immediate takeaways to help you re-engage your Gen-Z candidates.

By RecruitingDaily

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