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Recruitment Marketing 2K17

We get it, “nurture” is part of your “funnel” process – but you can only nurture a candidate for so long – and being nice doesn’t exactly sell them on the company or the role.  Are you trying to sell your candidate on working with a team?  It might behoove you to introduce them to said team.  On paper a client can be a great fit; first they get through the interview and hiring process, then they meet with HR and management and everything has been locked into place.  It’s day one on the job and it’s the first time the new hire is meeting their team and let’s just say, they aren’t gelin’.

Clearly this is a situation that happens frequently – but why? How could it have been avoided?  It’s 2017 – how are we still making these mistakes?  You sold them on the company; they were the ideal candidate the entire way through the process, but you skipped one major part – the actual work environment. You sold the candidate on the bright, shiny company and sold the company a bright, shiny candidate. And what happened was the equivalent to seeing a Chrysler 300 and comparing it to a Bentley; until you actually see a Bentley and realize there is no comparison.  In case you were wondering, the Bentley is the team and you brought in a Chrysler.

The topic of recruitment marketing isn’t new – the processes are.

We’ve all had the pleasure of exploring new and alternative options to our company’s current hiring processes and how to attract top talent and make sure said talent is a great fit.  And though it seems like something that is simply defined – we still find ourselves asking 6 key questions:

  1. Is our company telling our story as effective and efficiently as it can?
  2. Are we consistent throughout the process?
  3. Is our tech in line with our hiring process?
  4. Are we addressing the recruiting role as well?
  5. How is our candidate experience? (or more realistically) – Are we measuring the candidate experience we are delivering?
  6. How are we spending our money if we’re not even monitoring the outcome of what the heck we’re buying?

If you find that your company is struggling to answer those questions (and more, of course) then take a journey with us into the realm of recruiting as we get answers to these questions from top experts in the industry.

It’s 2017 – time to stop doing things the old way.

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By Noel Cocca

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