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Gig economy is the latest buzzword. In every 2017 prediction and trends post, we’re seeing the gig economy pop up as the next big shift in the recruiting and hiring world. We know that more workers than ever are looking for short-term, temporary work as independent contractors – 20 million people, in fact. It makes sense – the 9 to 5 lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

Flexible work means different things to different people. Generally, it includes everything from working remotely, working non-standard hours, contract and freelance hourly work, self-employment and gig work. The distinctions among the types of work aren’t always so clear but with this many roles, there’s a lot up in the air.

So what does that mean for recruiting teams who are primarily hiring full time roles now? How will our tactics have to shift and change in a gig economy world where high skill, high demand talent have decided to go freelance? It means we need to start learning how to source these new hubs and adapt our outreach strategy to get their attention.

Don’t let the gig economy catch you off guard.

You’ll Learn:

  1. The psyche of gig workers and how it plays into contacting them,
  2. Benefits to going gig with more work,
  3. Tools for recruiters looking for contractors/temps/freelance,
  4. Sourcing strategies for gig job boards

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