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More Science than Art: Quantifying the Role of Culture in Candidate Engagement

The hiring market has shifted. Its emphasis on the needs of your organization are of greater focus. It has become more complex, for you, from both sides.  Infinite numbers of candidates have more access and visibility into your company than before. Once they have even hit your career pages, thanks to social media and networks like Glassdoor and LinkedIn they know you.  The transparency that this limitless pool of talent now has – with the tight budgets, the reactive nature of the internal demands on recruiters and the speed at which the right talent must arrive ready to work.

How can you keep the best candidates engaged in their job search? Is there a way that also allows you to determine which candidates would be the right fit for your organization’s culture and productivity?

John Whitaker and Pamela Teagarden will offer new, meaningful insights to those of you who stand at the gate.

Attendees will learn:

  • The central role recruiters may now play as gatekeepers to the culture of your organization
  • How to leverage the needs of your candidates in line with the needs of your organization
  • Some new research that goes beyond traditional psychometric assessments


Presented By
John Whitaker
Senior HR Consultant HR Hardball Follow Follow
Pamela Teagarden
Founder Authentum


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