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We brought in 2 heavy hitters to drop the knowledge on how you can use old techniques and tactics to create new value. And start building relationships instead of lead lists.

In this exclusive event just for Recruiting Blogs readers, Steve Levy, Recruiting Lead at Kaltura, and Maureen Sharib, one of the world’s top telephone sourcing trainers, to learn:

  • Sourcing 101: Back to the Phones – For all the excitement about mobile recruiting, it seems we forget that the phone function on our devices still works, too. Learn the basics of phone sourcing and what you need to know the next time you dial. You’ll never have to make a cold call with these hot tips and tricks.
  • It’s the Message, Not the Medium: Whether you’re looking to source candidates via an InMail or by picking up the phone, finding them and their contact information is one thing. Getting them to actually respond is far more difficult. We’ll look at some ways to break through the noise and make sure your call to action is actually worth listening to.
  • In Real Life Is Still Really Important: When it comes to recruiting, face-to-face still matter more than Facebook. We’ll look at some of the ways to turn recruiting events from necessary evil to invaluable asset. Building relationships and developing a pipeline are important.  As well as some secrets for researching and following up on leads.  By generating referrals and building word-of-mouth with, well, word of mouth. The best way to get in front of a candidate is by getting in front of them, after all.

Whether you’re a veteran headhunter used to making dozens of calls a day to a rookie sourcer focusing primarily on social media, if your job is to attract, engage and hire the best talent for your business, there’s nothing more fundamental than knowing these recruiting fundamentals.

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