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Facebook Recruiting: How to Lead the Charge.

We are excited to kick off this year by inviting our friends Rich DeMatteo and Marty McDonald of Bad Rhino to present on Facebook facebook-friends-3211Recruiting.
Getting Started
With Facebook reaching 1 Billion users in October 2012, it’s no surprise that the social network is a popular destination for recruiters.  Get on the band wagon.  While some have used the tool to their advantage for years,  many aren’t sure where to begin and how to build their strategy.  This webinar was designed for recruiters by recruiters.  People who want to help people.  Facebook is about connecting with people.  We are already using the internet to find jobs we might as well use all of it. Recruiters also  need options because there are so many candidates.  It is not always easy to narrow down.  While many recruiters are still relying on a good phone call – the rest are on the Facebook train to success.  Facebook is becoming one of the most note worthy applications in existence.  Rather than avoid the inevitable, learn how to embrace it.  Another.
Users who spend a lot of time online easily sign into their account to search for new jobs. The site continues to experience steady job postings as companies prepare for the New Year.  Job seekers can search for jobs by state, industry and company. They can also post a copy of their resume online so that employers can contact them.  Job seekers can apply directly to companies.
This session will look at:
  • setting up a page
  • defining a target audience
  • Three categories of content that can be used 
  • building a community
  • managing your community and time efficiently


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