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Gotta Get ‘Em Integrated: Why Integrations Matter for Recruiting and Hiring

When it comes to shaping perceptions of your recruiting and HR function to drive budget and purchasing decisions, integrations play a crucial role. They’re the magic behind the scenes. They deliver accurate reporting. They deliver better hires and even that elusive “seat at the table.”

In this panel sponsored by Rolepoint, we are joined by some of the industry’s most prominent experts for a rare behind-the-scenes look at how integrations really work. Also what you should look for in the companies that provide it.

These panelists will show you:

1.    The Landscape: What is middleware, anyway, and why is it important?  We will take a look at the current state & technology landscape. This helps to understand the role it plays in your department and dispel common myths and misconceptions.   

2. The Business: Get an understanding of the different integrations available and why it’s so important for collecting recruiting data and setting benchmarks. We’ll also touch on best practices for selecting and utilizing these services.

3. The Future: We’ll discuss some of the most prevalent talent acquisition tools and technologies (think: mobile, social, big data) to look at which tools and data will most impact the way companies recruit and retain talent tomorrow – and what organizations need to be doing now to create a competitive advantage in the evolving world of work.

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William Tincup
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Bill Boorman
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