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6 Authoritative Hits for Recruiters


The Sweet Art of Persuasion 

6 Authoritative Hits for Recruiters

Motown really knows relationships, so of course it stands to reason that Motown is hiding the holy grail of influencing hiring between its funky lines (i.e., they know how to work with hiring managers).

“Why does that stand to reason?” you ask?  I dunno. I don’t have time to explain it to you.

We asked Steve O’Brien – an especially groovy dude who just so happens to be President of Staffing at – to go on a mission through Motown.  What he found was pretty far out, and that (you guessed it) is why we’re here. 


Motown’s 6 Principles of Persuasion

You want to work on requisitions that are actually approved? More hires? Feedback!? Here’s the thing: You gotta rule The Man…or The Man rules you.  

We’re going to take a deep look at your relationships with your hiring managers and what it takes to be an advisor instead of a paper-pushing, interview scheduling, support role. 


Here’s what you’re going to learn.

Track List

BONUS B-SIDE:  Lean on Me, Bill Withers


Hey – We’re all sensitive people…

…with so much to give.  Just think of how sweet and wonderful life can be if you take the lead with your manager.

We don’t want to push, but…see you on the webinar.


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