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The HR Tech Stack: Build the Case, Get the Buy-In, & Get What You Want

Recruiting software—in the eyes of executives, IT professionals, operators, and procurement—is often no more than an add-on to a core HRIS suite. The pain caused by poor recruiting software never hits their consciousness. This can be a bitter pill for talent acquisition teams, who then spend most of their days mired in sub-optimal software, can’t do their jobs well, yet can’t get decision makers to help them fix the problem. Sucks, right?

Before you throw up your hands in despair, you CAN turn that perception around so that your execs understand how important it is to choose the software your business really needs, not just software that’s convenient to buy. We’re going to show you how.

Join Jason Seiden, Head of Strategy at Lever and Mike Podobnik, Head of Talent at Medallia, as they talk through how to build a case and get buy-in for your HR tech stack. In this webinar, they’ll cover:

  • How to talk to your vendors about the right tech stack for you
  • How to build trust with your executives as you build your case
  • Why it’s important to build allies across the business
  • What your business case should look like


About Jason & Mike:

Jason Seiden is Head of Strategic Development at Lever, where he leverages a robust and cross-functional background to help clients improve the way they hire. Lever, a modern upgrade to the
applicant tracking software (ATS), is a SaaS-based Talent Acquisition Suite that improves hiring in a way that directly improves business results. Prior to Lever, Seiden amassed robust, cross-functional experience that spans talent acquisition, talent development, employer branding, marketing/strategy, management, and entrepreneurship, with a recurring focus on communications and positioning. He is the co-founder of Brand Amper, an employment branding software solution, and the first LinkedIn-certified training company in North America. Seiden earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Mike Podobnik is currently the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Medallia, a technology company that provides SaaS-based Customer Experience Management (CEM). Now Sequoia Capital’s largest investment, Medallia is the industry leader, powering customer experience behind over 500 of the world’s most renowned brands. He was previously a Director of Global Talent Acquisition at the same company, where he led efforts for worldwide R&D. Mike also serves as an Advisor for Teamable, an intelligent employee referral technology, which unearths, matches, and engages top talent, already connected to a company’s employee network.



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