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How To Work With Talent Acquisition Analysts

When it comes to shaping research, analysts play a crucial role.  Defining and driving a talent acquisition landscape is hard.  Almost every third-party human capital & talent management provider has dedicated resources for building relationships.  A few firms truly understand how to maximize that investment to get the most out of those relationships.

In this presentation we were joined by some of the industry’s experts.  Join us for a rare behind-the-scenes look at what research & advisory analysts really do.

What is an analyst? Why are they important?  We looked at the current research & advisory landscape to understand the role these firms play. We are dispelling common myths and misconceptions often associated with the analyst space. 

Hear from analysts themselves on what they look for when developing research or reports.  What are their expectations for companies or competitors?  Discover personal techniques for analyst relation programs.

GEM Recruiting AI

We looked at some of the best talent tools and technologies.  In doing so this should impact the way companies recruit and retain talent tomorrow.  Also we found what organizations need to do to create a competitive advantage in the evolving world of work.

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Presented By
George LaRocque
President Larocque Inc.
Sarah White
ounder & Principal Strategist Accelir
Kyle Lagunas
Talent Acquisition Analyst Brandon Hall Group


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