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Automated Reference Checking

By discovering what a candidate’s previous managers and colleagues candidly are saying about their work style, skills and behaviors, you are objectively assessing the candidate’s ability to perform.  Reference checking is key to success.

Through this session, we will be showing you how to learn technology that is introducing a way for talent acquisition professionals to capture behavioral feedback.  Learning from five references in just two days, wow.  Also learn how to avoid candidates who score low with references.  Although checking on references seems tedious it’s also necessary.

You’ve probably heard the numbers.  Are you hearing them now?  Reference checking programs are driving employees that are more engaged. Staying with your company longer is now expected. They have a significantly lower cost per hire – about $1,000 compared to the average $5,000. They’re 4x more likely to be hired and produce up to 25% more profit for companies than hires sourced from other methods.  Hiring candidates with great references is seemingly a no brainer, correct?

Across the board, employee referrals are the best quality and lowest cost source of hire. So why is accepting that we’re running a less than average program ok? Why do we rely on shoddy programs and error filled processes?

In a world driven by technology and e-mail demand, how is asking for a reference that doesn’t feel like another to-do list or something that’s not worthwhile for employees?  Are you asking the right questions?



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