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Hiring Tech Talent Is Easy…Right?

Sourcing shallow or competitive talent pools?  It doesn’t get much more competitive than tech talent at the moment.  What can you start doing today to set yourself apart from the competition?  I’m glad you asked. Hiring the best out there isn’t easy.  It actually is not even possible.  No such thing as a perfect candidate.  But you can try for the best fit.  That’s your job right?  Are you looking in the right places?  You wouldn’t consider someone that had no knowledge of tech for that position right?

While some recruiters just want to fill the req, some want to do it correctly.  While it’s about filling a position, it’s also about filling said position with the right candidate.  Therefore we have devised a webinar just for you.

Join our friend Steve Levy, an engineer who crossed over into the dark side of recruiting. He has 26 years recruiting in tech sectors and is a recognized SME in sourcing, engaging, and recruiting people.
  1. The problems recruiters have with sourcing, engaging, and recruiting people for technical roles
  2. The technical mind around work and careers
  3. Specific ways to source, engage, and recruit these people
  4. Better ways to assess the skills of these purple squirrels.
All questions will be welcomed with the usual Levy insight.  Don’t forget to check out the upcoming webinars as well.


Presented By
Steve Levy
Founder Recruiting Inferno Consulting

An "Old School"/"New Cool" practitioner who recruits to retain, who mentors recruiters & hiring managers to think & perform better, trains employees at all levels to become Talent Scouts.

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