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Managing Hiring Managers: Building Credibility

There’s a balance we have to strike, whether we’re working as an external recruiting team to support a company or as an internal recruiting leader.  We balance emotions, interests and ideas in this center hub of growth in an organization. In order to do that effectively, we need trust. We need credibility. We need people to see the change we want to create.

Without that credibility and a solid relationship with hiring managers, we can’t work effectively. When we don’t have credibility with our hiring managers and internal stakeholders, we can’t get anything done. Building those relationships takes time, energy and a few tactics you’ll learn after spending a few years there.

But let’s face the facts. You’re probably not going to spend 5+ years at the company. You don’t have all the time in the world to nurture this relationship. You need to make a change in these relationships now if you want to close these talented candidates who are being recruited constantly.

GEM Recruiting AI

In this special live interview, RecruitingDaily Editor Katrina Kibben is going to ask the tough questions – posing your toughest hiring manager scenarios for Carmen Hudson to dissect. She’ll use her wealth of experience in both internal and consulting roles nationwide to offer advice and point to key opportunities when you can build credibility. She’ll share that first hand experience and case studies with key actions she recommends when you’re in a tough spot.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to develop productive, effective relationships with hiring managers and hiring teams
  • Communication tactics that will help you establish credibility with your managers and clients
  • How to identify and diagnose hiring manager issues before they happen
  • Learn the arts of negotiating and influencing hiring manager behavior and decisions
  • And more!


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