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What’s going down?

So, we hosted a webinar on epic job description fails seen around the web — and how to maximize your recruitment efforts on this most important platform. The webinar was hosted by Ryan Leary, William Tincup, and Jackye Clayton, all of RD.

You’ve probably seen horrible, low-context job ads at some point in your own professional evolution. You know the ones: mis-spellings, promises of a huge salary, demands for you to have pre-existing relationships, or so full of buzzwords you don’t know if you’ll ever be a whole human being again.

Unfortunately, these types of job ads often feel normative.

That’s a problem.

We know that effective job ads lead to effective hiring, and effective hiring leads to stronger corporate culture — which leads to a healthier bottom line. None of that is necessarily rocket science, but it is backed up by research around the idea of “total motivation,” or what factors drive employee productivity the most. (Hint: effective role design is about 2x more important than compensation.)

OK, now let’s say this: what if you could join a webinar, during work, where people snarkily took down job postings (fun) while also telling you how to make them better (productive)? Wouldn’t that be cool?


  • How to maximize Indeed job ads
  • How to know when you’re doing a less-than-stellar job
  • Assessing your employer brand
  • Are you actually alienating the people you want, and attracting the ones you don’t?
  • How do you manage out this ecosystem?


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William Tincup
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Jackye Clayton
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Ryan Leary
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