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As more talent acquisition suites and strategies are going end-to-end, we’ve seen more people in our field get involved with onboarding.

It’s paradoxical, then, that when recruiters jump ship for another job, they often don’t think strategically about their first 100 days in the new role.

That’s what this webinar is about. We’re going to walk through your first three months and change in a new spot, including:

  • Who to build relationships with
  • How to get the bosses on your side
  • Learning the processes
  • Understanding who does what
  • Standing out
  • When to push “we’ve always done it that way” and when not to

Maybe you’re not thinking of jumping ship right now — but if it’s a possibility in the next year or two (hint: it is for everyone), jump on this webinar on September 25.


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Amy Miller
Sr Tech Recruiter Google

Helping rescue resumes from ATS black holes.

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