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How to Engage Tech Talent like a Pro.

Tech Talent stands apart as it’s own unique beast in recruiting. In the tech talent market programmers and developers often have multiple offers at the start.  They can leave employment and start back up at will, and receive pitches for new employment daily during their tenure working for you.

Tech-related buzzwords and business terms evolve every day.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in word choice within job listings. As of today, we’ve recognized over 50,000 distinct phrases that impact the quality, quantity and diversity of applicants. Through such a seemingly superficial change as the language recruiters use to attract top talent.

With this in mind, we took a look at our job listing data over the last 12 months to find out the biggest winners and losers when it came to speaking the language of top tech talent to effectively drive applicants and convert candidates from job ads.

Learning to successfully connect and engage with these workers and candidates is a necessary skill if you are going to be an effective tech recruiter. Join us for a special webinar with Amy Ala, Staffing Consultant at Microsoft, as she shares all the tips, hacks, and best practices to engage the top tech talent.

Attendees will learn:

  • Which Form of Engagement Returns the Best ROI
  • The Ins and Outs of Referrals
  • What Really Matters to Developers

And most importantly –

How to Close the Deal.

Presented By
Amy Ala
Staffing Consultant Microsoft

Amy has 15+ years of recruiting experience, starting her career in agency recruiting running a desk for companies like Spherion & Lucas Group before making the move in-house, where she has held strategic roles for the State of Washington and Zones.

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