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As the hiring market continue to shrink; attracting, recruiting and ultimately retaining the best fit talent is proving to be extremely challenging. Recruitment and employee engagement teams are screaming for a unified solution that connects the dots between recruitment marketing, candidate management and employee activation, while candidates are craving a consumer-centric experience that is customized for them.

So what gives? Whose needs come first?

The answer is both.

On October, 30th, Symphony Talent in partnership with RecruitingDaily welcomes Jess Schuster, Candidate Engagement & Experience Innovator and Mike Kern, Director of Employee Experience at Northwell Health to discuss how to create a living, consumer-centric experience from attraction through to engagement. Join us and learn how to:

  • Create a universal EVP that serves both internal and external purpose
  • Use social media as a platform for brand activation
  • Bridge the gap between recruitment and onboarding
  • Create a Culture Fit hiring program to improve employee retention

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Jess Schuster
Candidate Engagement & Experience Innovator Northwell Health Follow
Mike Kern
Director of Employee Experience Northwell Health Follow
Jess Von Bank
VP of Market Engagement, Symphony Talent Follow


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