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Work is stressful. Talent acquisition is even more so, right? (Right.) But what if almost every time you had an open role, you could instantly begin the process of filling it because your employees were so flush with referrals? What if sourcing simply became sending an internal email and getting a flood of qualified candidates?

That dream can be yours, but it all begins with turning employees — who, per Gallup, are disengaged 85% of the time — into brand advocates. But how do you do that? The obvious answer is better management, and we’ll discuss that in this webinar. But there are other approaches including:

  • Communication
  • The role of the tech stack in brand advocacy programs
  • How to incentivize
  • How to help employees share news and events on social media

We’ll also walk through a couple of case studies on what successful advocacy programs look like and how you can begin implementing them, regardless of your budget/revenue streams.

See you on July 10th.


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