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Process is not just for six sigma nerds or for Quality Assurance brainiacs.

It has real value in the TA space as well.  Improvements to process, when done correctly, can be a force multiplier in recruitment, impacting organization, efficiency, and productivity. 

Garry Olive has worked in the recruiting space for over 10 years.  He’s currently with ADP and has fulfilled roles at USC, Kaiser Permanente and FedEx.  In addition to being an active social media contributor, and blogger, Garry is the Author of Contract Recruiter, and also holds a professional certification in Project Management.

In essence – Garry knows what’s up and has offered to give you an actionable (and fun) hour-long training on the full Recruiting Workflow.  This will include step-by-step takeaways for you to take back to the office immediately.


Here are a few process ideas we will discuss:

Define The Recruitment Process

Primarily from an internal recruiter point of view, what does a well developed recruitment process look like.  What are the steps?  From the initial intake meeting with the Hiring Manager (HM) to the candidate being hired (and steps in between).


Create Recruiting Efficiency

  • Checklists: Increasingly recruiters are having to work cross functionally within HR, by interacting with compensation, HR Business Partners, and HR Ops. By having a checklist you can automate your process, and stay in compliance. These help eliminate errors by listing out steps   
  • Templates: canned or pre-written email messages save time and create consistency in our communications. 3×3 rule for LinkedIn InMail
  • Simultaneous Tasks Creation: Look for tasks that can be done simultaneously rather than sequentially
  • Task Batching: By setting aside dedicated time for recruitment tasks, this is great method for improving the efficiency of sourcing and phone screens.
  • Follow Up Friday: My own method for baking in the follow up in my recruitment process. Essentially on Fridays I will circle back with as many HM’s, candidates and colleagues as possible that I am working with. I will either update them or reach out to them for updates. 
  • Sustainability: One of the final questions to ask yourself is the following, “Is what I am doing sustainable?” Meaning that whatever process or process improvement you are incorporating must be easily repeatable.
  • People Skills: To fully realize the effects of your processes you will also need to hone your people skills as well. 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): As stated above, today’s  recruiters more than ever in order to be effective must wear advisor and consultant hats. Therefore we will need pristine listening and communication skills.
  • Delegation skills: Because none of us work in a vacuum in TA. We work with people and will have to rely on others to assist us.

Sound like a plan?  Good!

Register, grab your coffee and questions, and see you there!

Presented By
Garry Olive, CAPM, PHR
Talent Acquisition Specialist ADP

Garry is currently working as a contract recruiter with ADP. His previous assignments include roles at USC, Kaiser Permanente and FedEx. In addition to being an active social media contributor, and blogger, Garry is the Author of Contract Recruiter.



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