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Attracting Diversity to your Talent Pool

When the topic of diversity comes up, it often is a shoulder shrugging, silent session. Everyone in the room is looking around to another person in hopes they’ll say or do something to start a real conversation. We know it’s a problem, or at least the statistics tells us it is. The stats beating it into our head that women are making less than men. That diverse populations aren’t getting coding jobs in Silicon Valley, and the list goes on.

There are inclusion and diversity report cards that are going out too. Just in case you weren’t sure where you are standing in comparison with the big companies. All just reminders that this isn’t a struggle limiting small organizations but rather a wide-spread problem that most technology and bots have yet to provide a solution for. However when we search for diversity advice, most of the content we are finding is white-washed. , pun intended, or some list that gives a high level overview of a topic that has so many more intricacies and inputs than they give credit.

Why? Well, because so many people write about diversity as a check box; something they have to cover on their career sites just in case. The article you have to write because it’s Black History Month or the video you have to create for the women in tech organization. A bunch of have tos don’t exactly inspire creativity, now do they? When we have to, we don’t want to – we don’t want to push people past their comfort zone, we don’t want to set goals, most significantly – we don’t actually want to change.



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