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Beyond Features: How to Evaluate an Applicant Tracking System

There is no single piece of technology that recruiters despise more than an applicant tracking system. These legacy systems are often written on a code base that’s more than outdated.

Today’s recruiter doesn’t simply need to track candidates after they apply. Recruiters attract talent.  Applications are becoming more of an afterthought.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

No matter which startup companies successfully capture the most market and mind share away from the traditional ATS and HCM providers, the real winners will be recruiters and candidates whose future job searches will be enabled, not inhibited, by the technology powering our processes. They enable power.

Matt Charney leads this webinar to explore what questions you should be asking when evaluating an ATS. He teaches you how to keep the personal aspect.

You’ll Learn:

  1. He gets to the root of the issues in the day to day plight of recruiters.
  2. Why you should think beyond checking off features, and instead focus on big picture questions when it comes to your ATS
  3. The future of ATS, and the key technology developments that will carry the industry into the next age of recruitment

Presented By
Matt Charney
Executive Editor

Matt oversees editorial strategy and content marketing for RecruitingDaily’s portfolio of online properties.

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