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3 Hacks to Up Your 2016 Recruiting Game

Did you nail your major 2015 hiring goals or fall maddeningly short?
Refining key processes like interviewing are just one of our favorite ways to up a talent acquisition game in 2016.  Some hacks to improve.

 While running any kind of business is hard work hiring people for that business can be even harder. The amount of time and energy we dedicate to making every successful hire happen can leave most of us feeling downright exhausted.

Sometimes, that fatigue can set in, often in the form of picking the first candidate who walks in the door. If they’re even reasonably close to a fit, then you’re willing to make that hire.  Rather than having fatigue, do it right the first time. Sure.  Seems like it would be easy yet recruiting isn’t easy (contrary to popular belief). So we are here to help.

Watch this Recruiting Blogs and Glassdoor webinar for a timely, end-of-year session “3 Hacks to a Better Q1 2016 Recruiting Strategy.”

Key Takeaways

  • How to analyze plan vs. actual, leverage data wisely and build the case for more recruiting dollars in 2016.
  • How to “think like a marketer” to better define ideal candidate demographics, plan networking hiring events and research new hiring tools.
  • Refine your strategy by optimizing your interview process and setting realistic, upfront expectations with candidates.


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