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Little philosophical question for you: if you have an amazing strategy but it can’t be executed upon, is it really an amazing strategy?

Answer: no.

We get caught up all the time in wanting things at work to be strategic and innovative, and that’s all good — we should want that.

But we also need the logistics and operations to be there, or else the strategy will never be fully realized.

Learn how choice overload, no time to source, and noisy managers are undermining your strategy and how to prevent it:

  • Understand your source channel percentages – and recruit differently when you do
  • Match your recruiting team design to your process and your organization – and don’t have senior recruiters process applicants all day (but definitely process all your applicants!)
  • Contract with executive leadership on cost/quality/speed – and leverage that agreement to drive agreement (and sanity) at the HM and Director level

Then…run a blissfully smooth and satisfying Talent Acquisition function from the islands kicked back casually in a hammock. Or well, at least, overcome the tyranny of the urgent and deliver great talent outcomes through a high impact strategy.

If you think some of your processes are falling through the cracks, especially when you have a bunch of open seats, come by and get some ideas for bolstering the nuts and bolts of what you do.


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Steve O'Brien
Vice President, Talent Fusion Monster

Expert in the evolution of outsourcing and TA strategy.



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