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10 Key Takeaways We Learned from Glassdoor Employer Branding Summit

As a sports fan, walking into your favorite team’s stadium is an experience. A feeling of inspiration, excitement and awe as you’re surrounded by fans. The first time you hear the crowd roar after a good play. The first time you stand to cheer at a critical moment as the jumbo tron lets out a rally cry. There’s really nothing like it.

That’s how I see employer branding, too.

While some might question the metrics that matter and the consequences of when it goes wrong, the bottom line is that when you get it right? It’s a powerful feeling and it translates both on the emotional side and in bottom line  results. That’s of course why everyone is so hungry to create the next Zappos. Or some other employer brand driven by creative culture in their own company. Enter employer branding.

GEM Recruiting AI

That uncertainty has driven a lot of curiosity so my team and I launched an inaugural State of Employer Branding survey in Q3 of this year. The survey tried to dig into recruiters’ and marketers’ thoughts on employer branding as a business function and its interconnectedness with candidate experience. We also dug into challenges today’s companies are facing, what they’re prioritizing, and the bottom line benefits of making an investment in employer branding..

After analyzing nearly 300 responses from a range of companies (20% of which had revenues of greater than $1 billion and a vast majority were from North America), we wanted to share the Cliff’s notes version. If you’re interested in the full report, you can get it here.

Watch This Webinar To Learn:

  • What  transparent leadership really means
  • Why “being human” is critical for a successful employer branding strategy
  • How to measure your employer brand
  • Evolving candidate experience
  • A new approach to close more passive talent
  • And more!

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